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Disease Threatening Deer Population Has Spread to 26 States

Disease Threatening Deer Population Has Spread to 26 States

According to this article, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was first “discovered” in mule deer at a wildlife research facility in Colorado in 1967. Here is, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The rest of the


DNA Of Wolf Declared Extinct In Wild Lives On In Texas Pack

More on the ‘discovery’ of Red Wolves in Texas. The real hero is “Wil E. Coyote” the indomitable little wolf of our Southwestern Deserts. Like his roadrunner cartoon adversary, Coyote has run circles around the ‘conservation’

Environmental Groups Leave Oregon Wolf Plan Discussions

Do States Manage Wolves Better?

Decades of experience with wildlife and forestry management shows that state agencies generally produce better results than federal agencies. It’s not that the feds don’t know what needs to be done; it’s that they can’t

Wild Canids Carry DNA of “Extinct” Red Wolves

“Wil E. Coyote” for the Evolutionary Win

More on the “discovery” of Red Wolves in Texas. The real hero is “Wil E. Coyote,” the indomitable little wolf of our Southwestern deserts. Taking a cue from “The Roadrunner,” his cartoon adversary, the coyote

Rise of the Golden Jackal

Rise of the Golden Jackal

The golden jackal is Europe’s coyote. Like coyotes in North America, golden jackals are spreading because: (1) Mother Nature abhors a vacuum, and (2) natural systems require predators. When looked at this way, the golden

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Q&A – The Rules that Govern Life on Earth – with Sean B Carroll

How resilient will nature be to climate change? Why are there no very large mammalian predators? Is there a place for controlled hunting of rhinos? Sean B Carroll answers questions from the audience following his


In Mozambique, a Living Laboratory for Nature’s Renewal

This remarkable success story from Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park shows how fast systems can recover when keystone grazers, numerous prey species and the full compliment of predators are restored. For more on this topic look

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Black-Footed Ferrets

They’re cute and cuddly, but nearly went extinct. Follow scientists in South Dakota as they capture black-footed ferrets to help save them.


Coyotes Conquered North America. Now They’re Heading South.

Most landowners and wildlife managers think that killing coyotes is a good practice. They are mistaken – to put it mildly – that coyote ‘control’ is even possible. The more coyotes we kill, the faster