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The Great Migration by Johann Fanzoj

A beautiful double rifle by the Ferlach, Austria gunmaker Johan Fanzoj. He describes the rifle as follows, “The Great Migration” portrayed by Johann Fanzoj in artistic splendor, in a 5-year-project based on a monumental large-caliber

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Elk Country Chronicles – The Sounds of Elk Country Volume 10

Elk Country Chronicles – The Sounds of Elk Country Volume 10

Nothing is as peaceful as elk country. Rather than trying to eliminate all elk on Texas’ public lands under the scientifically-bogus belief that they are an “invasive, exotic” species that harms bighorn, pronghorn and mule

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Q&A – The Rules that Govern Life on Earth – with Sean B Carroll

How resilient will nature be to climate change? Why are there no very large mammalian predators? Is there a place for controlled hunting of rhinos? Sean B Carroll answers questions from the audience following his


Hotel California?

Quoting the authors below: “If the Endangered Species Act is going to meet the wildlife challenges of the 21st century, it has to be something more than a one-way street into a cul-de-sac of perpetual

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Elk Country Chronicles – The Sounds of Elk Country Volume 9

Elk Country Chronicles – The Sounds of Elk Country Volume 9

Nothing is as peaceful as elk country. The sounds of nature and bugling elk ringing in the landscapes are the perfect getaway from your day. This video will provide you exactly what you need –


Guadalupe County Begins Feral Hog Bounty Program

Feral pigs would be valuable assets for landowners if we went back to the rules that applied until 30 years ago, which allowed feral pigs to be sold into the commercial food chain. Imagine getting


The New Outdoor Getaway: Landscapes That Have Been ‘Rewilded’

Predation has been part of natural systems forever. Human predation (hunting) has been present in North America for at least 12,000-years. Hunting shaped the natural systems Europeans found when they arrived around 1500. Rewilding is


Sheep on the Mountain

A great article from TWA. At Circle Ranch, we have enjoyed considerable success with Desert Bighorn. Here is our take on how to help these majestic animals get re-established in their native range: Increase water. Add

Trump Administration Seeks Authority for More Logging to Fight Fire Danger

Decades of neglect have turned much of America’s forests into fire traps. Many need immediate attention to reduce brush, dead trees and overcrowding. Excess trees could be logged to help pay for the cleanup. Aesthetics