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An Ancient Ant-Bacteria Partnership to Protect Fungus

An Ancient Ant-Bacteria Partnership to Protect Fungus

All life is based on interaction with microorganisms. Here is one more example, from the rain forests of South America. We routinely poison microorganisms and insects with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and many other chemicals.


A New Study Suggests That Even The Toughest Pesticide Regulations Aren’t Nearly Tough Enough

“There were 1.6 million new cases of cancer last year, with 580,000 dying of the disease. Farm and industrial chemicals certainly play a major role in this epidemic. Yet little is done, with the poison-makers


A South African Solution to Texas’ Feral Hog Problem

This story of a start-up hog farm in South Africa points to how Texas can address its wild pig ‘problem’. Hogs can improve soil by by rooting for food, trampling, eating plants, tilling in seeds


Land-Rich Farmers Still Struggle to Survive

Heavy subsidies of agriculture have not made farming and ranching profitable. Nor can they.