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Blue Origin NS-10: New Shepard launch & landing, 23 January 2019

Blue Origin’s January 23, 2019 Rocket Launch in far-West Texas

Blue origin, the private rocket company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is based next to Circle Ranch in far-West Texas. Here is a video of their January 23, 2019 launch. The rocket’s flight lasted


Good Results From Our One Chute Out Test

Blue Origin continues its testing of spacecraft next door to Circle Ranch in far-West Texas.

Another Successful Rocket Launch in the Sierra Diablos

The escarpments in the background are the high country of Circle Ranch: The Sierra Diablo Mountains of far-West Texas.

Circle Ranch - Burro

Internet Billionaires Face Off in Renewed Texas Space Race

Just outside Van Horn Texas, Blue Origin has been quietly developing its space program for several years. NOTE: this post originally appeared on San Antonio’s ExpressNews.com on April 27, 2015 VAN HORN — An isolated


Congratulations Blue Origin

Blue Origin’s successful launch and recovery on November 23, 2015 leapfrogs them to leadership in the private space race. The launch-landing site is next door to Circle: The cliffs in the far background are the