Out Here in The Middle

Out Here in The Middle is a short video about summer at the Circle Ranch, in the high-desert mountains of far-West Texas.

Posted by Chris Gill

Ranching, wildlife management, finance, oil & gas, real estate development and management.

  1. Beautiful Chris; thanks for sharing! Made even more special because I have footprints on many of those sites with you and other Students of Quail. Nice use of the UAV too (was that Richard’s idea?); made for some great shots. Ranch looks great.


    1. Thanks Dale.

      Yes Richard encouraged me to do this and a good friend of his taught me to run the darned thing. That was easy however compared to learning iMovie!


  2. Fun visit to one of my favorite places to be. Well done, Chris!


    1. Thanks Peggy. We need another Cows & Quail!


  3. Great video Chris. All looked vaguely familiar for some reason! Will have some video from Australia before long. What started out being a stacked deck against it working all fell into place for a success


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