Out Here in the Middle – Summer at Circle Ranch in far-West Texas

“Out Here in The Middle” Is about summer at the Circle Ranch in the high-desert mountains of far-West Texas. Wildlife, great scenery, ranching, cattle and family.

“Out Here in The Middle” is performed by James McMurtry.

Note: This was originally posted on the Circle Ranch blog summer 2015.

Posted by Chris Gill

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  1. Would love more details on the Ram that was taken at 3:52. Was this on your land? Was that a landowner tag the state issued you or issued to a guide that has access to your land?

    Love this videos. Beautiful land, it’s hard to believe Texas has all of these different landscapes.


    1. Hello Justin,

      The ram was shot on our ranch, our outfitter Wayne (Zach) Zachary can tell you the details: (915) 929-6000.

      Yes the ranch has varied habitat: Canyons, mountains, grassland and desert.

      Did you note the AT&T tower?

      Best Regards,


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