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An Introduction to Holistic Management

A short introduction to sustainable grazing.


Unsealed Documents Raise Questions on Monsanto Weed Killer

Big Tobacco and its cronies manipulated public opinion for decades after they knew that smoking causes cancer.  Monsanto is doing the same with respect to glyphosate (Roundup).


Van Horn Residents Prepare to Fight Possible Nuke Dump

We are told that Culberson County, which cannot maintain its roads, schools and other infrastructure for just a few decades, can have safe surface storage of most all the nuclear waste in the United States, virtually forever. Plutonium-239 is hazardous for 250,000 years Р 12,000 human generations. Uranium-235 is hazardous for millions of years! According

Circle Ranch - Cows and Elk

Cows and Elk

How Cows and Elk Improve Wildlife Habitat Elk the Animal: The elk (Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest deer in the world; they are twice as big as mule deer.   They are ruminants with four-chambered stomachs that feed early and late in the day. Elk are extremely adaptable, thriving in mountains, grasslands and