Circle Ranch Keyline Contrast Photos: 9/4/10

Regarding our Yeomans Keylining progress, here are the latest photos with my comments: October 1, 2009.  Last summer was dry.  I chose this spot because we had bare ground and minimal grass respose to several years of rain.  Grass was disappearing within the tarbush community seen beyond the tractor.


Turkey Family: 9/3/10

We have been watching this family, one of three, all summer.


Turkey Family in West Pasture, 8/10/10

Wild turkey reintroduction at Circle Ranch has been a 7-year project. Really gratifying to see these young birds!

Sierra Diablo Management Plan Containing Comments from Christopher Gill

Cooperation: This satellite photograph (below, not above) shows the Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area outlined in black, and Circle Ranch in red.  Circle is triple the size of the WMA.


Gambel's Quail, July 2010

Here are Gambel’s Quail photographed at Circle in summer, 2010.  The underlinings below are hyperlinks.


Ruben Cantu on Predator Control

Ruben is the West Texas TPWD Regional Director .  He offered his personal opinion on predator control:


The Cattleman: Planned Grazing and Wildlife at Circle Ranch. July, 2010

“Planned Grazing 8 – “Wildlife in the Mix” is from the July 2010 issue of The Cattleman magazine.


West Texas Desert Bighorn, July 9, 2010

Three fine rams seen in Hospital Canyon.

Rain in the Desert: July 6, 2010

At Circle Ranch, Hudspeth County, far-West Texas,  we get 11″ average rainfall per year. This is 1/2 the normal rainfall in Laredo where much of our Texas Scaled Quail research has been done.  Moreover, West Texas rains, unlike Laredo rains, come mostly in July and August.   South Texas blues have relatively-moist springs: West Texas

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