Life of Elk

Elk are Texas natives. Largely wiped out by 1900, they are poised to recover in far-West Texas, but need the same protection as other native game species.

Posted by Chris Gill

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  1. Justin Chambers August 7, 2018 at 8:45 am

    It’s a shame Texas still classifies elk as an exotic species which they want exterminated on state land. It’s also a shame that the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, backed by Texans as one of their largest supporters, hasn’t done anything about the classification.


    1. Thanks Justin for your efforts on behalf of Texas’ elk.

      RMEF is like everybody else: They will not break ranks with Big Wildlife. They are cynically using their huge Texas membership as a cash cow. What they say is that when Texas changes its position, they will help Texas elk. That is not advocacy for elk: Without advocacy Texas legislators and TPWD will not change what they are doing.


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