Elk Restoration

This video on the restoration of elk in Kentucky and other Eastern states begins, “There is perhaps no higher calling for a wildlife conservation organization than restoring extirpated wildlife species back to their historic ranges.” How true, except in Texas, where our state game department with the support or acquiescence of major conservation organizations, removes all elk – a Texas native species – from all far-West Texas lands it manages, under the scientifically bogus theory that elk ‘compete’ with and thereby harm desert bighorn sheep, mule deer and pronghorn.

ELK RESTORATION from Jason Matzinger on Vimeo.

Posted by Chris Gill

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  1. I remember having read about rock paintings depicting elk, and I think it was in one of your posts. That would be evidence that elk do in fact belong in Texas.

    Thank you for sharing and keeping this in the news.


    1. There remains no reasonable doubt that elk are native. Here are papers on this. The first is a peer-reviewed simplification of the second paper. The conclusions of both are identical.

      Peer-reviewed paper, Journal of Big Bend Studies: http://circleranchtx.com/are-elk-native-to-texas-historical-and-archaeological-evidence-for-the-natural-occurence-of-elk-in-texas/

      The complete detail on which the Journal of Big Bend Studies paper was based: http://circleranchtx.com/are-elk-native-to-texas-yes/

      These papers began as an effort to persuade Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to cease its efforts to eradicate elk on the state lands which it manages in far-West Texas. Our assumption was that TPWD was acting out of a sincere misunderstanding of science, which could be corrected.

      TPWD agrees, but now – as of October 2017 – TPWD says that even though elk are native, they are “invasive”, thus, its eradications will continue. These are not mandated by law. They are followed pursuant to TPWD’s internal policy and its internal agendas: science regarding whether or not elk are native Texas animals has nothing to do with either.

      Thanks for writing.


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