The New Outdoor Getaway: Landscapes That Have Been ‘Rewilded’

Predation has been part of natural systems forever. Human predation (hunting) has been present in North America for at least 12,000-years. Hunting shaped the natural systems Europeans found when they arrived around 1500. Rewilding is

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Ranching for Profit

“This outstanding one week intensive ranching course teaches ranchers how to (1) make a profit, (2) create unity among owners and family and (3) improve their land. The school was started by Alan Savory’s fellow


Sheep on the Mountain

A great article from TWA. At Circle Ranch, we have enjoyed considerable success with Desert Bighorn. Here is our take on how to do this: Increase water. Add lots of free water everywhere. More locations


Monarch Butterfly, Bee Decline Discussed at Capitol Hearing

According to the testimony reported below, honeybees and Monarch Butterflies are being harmed by genetically modified crops (GMOs) for two reasons. First, cotton no longer has pollen on which bees can feed. Second,  the poisons

Trump Administration Seeks Authority for More Logging to Fight Fire Danger

Decades of neglect have turned much of America’s forests into fire traps. Many need immediate attention to reduce brush, dead trees and overcrowding. Excess trees could be logged to help pay for the cleanup. Aesthetics

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Conserving Wild Bison: Finding Space for an American Icon

Conserving Wild Bison: Finding Space for an American Icon

Bison might seem to be an obvious addition to wildlife at Texas’ state and national parks, but there are problems to be overcome. Rick Wallen, lead biologist for Yellowstone’s bison program, explains the challenges and successes

An Ancient Ant-Bacteria Partnership to Protect Fungus

An Ancient Ant-Bacteria Partnership to Protect Fungus

All life is based on interaction with microorganisms. Here is one more example, from the rain forests of South America. We routinely poison microorganisms and insects with fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics and many other chemicals.


The Most Powerful Tool

A very good article on using cattle to improve wildlife habitat.

Lyme Disease’s Worst Enemy? It Might Be Foxes

Outbreaks of epidemic diseases and parasites are growing wildlife problems, especially when these are passed to humans. Wildlife managers spend as much time on these problems as on any other aspect of wildlife husbandry. Predators

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Artificial Beaver Dams – A Visual Tour of Triple Creek

Artificial Beaver Dams – A Visual Tour of Triple Creek

Triple Creek Restoration on Myers Creek, near Chesaw, Washington. The video producers report, “Mimicking beaver dams, we installed vertical wood posts as a foundation and then weaved together dogwood, willow, and maple to create artificial