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Gambels Quail

Here are Gambel’s Quail photographed at Circle in spring, 2010


Bighorn Family Group

Bighorns all gathered in the high country.


Pronghorn in the Mountains

Pronghorn in the mountains.


Bighorn Hunters

Hunters in the high mountains.


Desert Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn in the mountains.


Quail and Wildlife Waterer

Circle has over 100 of these small-animal waterers.  They are made by Surber Tank Company, Odessa, Texas.  The internal valve is 3/4,” brass.  It holds about 3 gallons.  The tank must be maintained very full


Desert Big Horn Sheep

Circle Ranch has growing numbers of these native animals in combination with elk, pronghorn, mule deer and on occasion 1000 cattle which we use as a substitute for bison.

Circle Ranch is a 'Sky Island'

The Sierra Diablo range rises one-half mile above the Chihuahuan Desert floor in Hudspeth County Texas, 40 miles below the New Mexico line. It is well within the theoretical range of Guadalupe Mountain elk.


Coyote at Two Section, August 2009

Coyote at Two Section

Cougar at Two Section, July 2009

The policy to treat these as vermin is a huge mistake.