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Eyewitness Account of Pronghorn, Bison, Elk, & Mule Deer Sharing Desert Ranges

According to invasive species believers, including TPWD, bison and elk should be removed from our state parks and wildlife management areas because they don’t belong and because they “compete” with, and “harm” desert bighorn sheep and pronghorn.


Exciting Horse Fossil Discovery in Nevada Desert

Horses, burros and their ancestors have been in our deserts for millions of years. A short video on wild burros at Circle Ranch appears below this article. Scientists excavating an Ice Age mammoth skeleton from the Tule Springs area north of Las Vegas, Nevada, uncovered the remains of a second animal that is causing more

Circle Ranch - Cave - Mouth

Possible Evidence of Human Habitation in Far-West Texas 35,000-Years Ago

It is well-accepted that the earliest human habitation in North America dates to about 12,000-years ago.  What if that date is wrong by at least 23,000-years?!

Circle Ranch - Indian Cave

Circle Ranch Indian Cave

At Circle Ranch we have what may be the most important unexplored cave dwelling in far-West Texas:  A large cave which occurs in one of our limestone escarpments.  It is about 200-feet above the desert floor and 100 feet below the escarpment top.  The cave measures roughly 80’ by 80’.  Inside, it has a regular

Circle Ranch - Indian Cave Update

Interim Dig Report and Photos: February 8, 2010

From Lead Archeologist Javi Vasquez:   “I included several pictures of some of the cool stuff we’ve been finding in the cave. In addition to what you see here, we found a small corn cob fragment and a small arrow head. No ceramics have been found other than one sherd in the back of the


Circle Cave Dwelling, November 22, 2008

This large cave is about 80′ x 80′, head-height, and was used by indians for thousands of years.  We are excavating in an archaeology project with University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).